Answers to Popular Questions about Olymp Trade

Since there are quite a few unreliable brokers in the world. It is quite natural that traders often have questions about Olymp Trade, which is actually good. Before you deposit your money into any system, you should make sure that it is reliable.

For Olymp Trade, the safety of its users and their funds is in the first place. So the company is constantly and successfully working on this. Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions of traders about Olymp Trade and answers.

How Does Regulation and Resolution of Disputed Issues Occurs at Olymp Trade?

Since February 2016, Olymp Trade has been regulated by the International Finance Commission. Regulatory supervision guarantees the integrity of the trading platform. Also ensures the settlement of disputes and insurance of client deposits up to $ 20,000 per transaction.

OlympTrade regulated by the International Finance Commission
OlympTrade regulated by the International Finance Commission

Are Transactions at Olymp Trade Fair?

The company used the services of a third-party audit firm, which the broker paid for himself, to confirm the quality of their transactions and the integrity of the business. This once again proved to users and the entire business community that Olymp Trade is a reliable company and partner. The company has a certificate confirming its solid reputation.

How Are Disputes With Olymp Trade Resolved?

In case of disputes, Olymp Trade recommends that you first contact the support service of the online platform, which operates 24/7 and is available in a dozen languages. If the problem is not resolved in this way within 14 days, the client has the right to contact the regulating body International Finance Commission.

All aspects of interaction with clients such as technical support, analytics, personal consultations, deposit and withdrawal of funds have been debugged over the years and work like a well-oiled mechanism. The company tries to make all interactions with clients pleasant and effective.

Does Olymp Trade Presents Resources Professional Tools for Small Traders?

Olymp Trade provides a complete set of training materials for novice traders like interactive lessons, a knowledge base, a glossary of terms, videos on working with the trading platform, descriptions of underlying assets, an e-book on trading, as well as regular webinars.

On the home page of the online platform, in the main menu, you can find the “Training” and “Analytics” sections, where the base of lessons and useful information on the current state of the markets is freely available.

In the Tutorials section, you will find hundreds of interactive lessons covering all aspects of trading in the financial markets. Each lesson is made in the form of a chat, gradually explaining the essence of the studied issue.

The Analytics section contains an economic calendar and signals, as well as regular market reviews from Olymp Trade analysts. Here you can also find a table of the world’s major exchanges that determines the degree of volatility, that is, the amplitude of price fluctuations of a particular currency pair during the day.

From inside your account, you can access an array of information about the financial markets and work with the Olymp Trade platform, as well as read the definitions of the main market terms, get acquainted with a detailed description of each underlying asset offered on the platform, as well as download a free e-book with a guide to successful trade.

Immediately after registration, the user is redirected to the trading platform with a virtual account of $ 10,000, which makes it possible to conduct transactions in the same way as on a real account. This approach can hardly be called generally accepted among other brokerage companies.

Can I Really Gain Profits on Olymp Trade?

The low threshold of the minimum deposit at Olymp Trade allows you to start trading on a real account with any amount starting from $ 10 or € 10. Also, a low threshold for entering a transaction with a minimum bet of $ 1 or € 1 makes it possible to trade effectively even with a minimum deposit. At the same time, such availability does not prevent traders from earning $ 13 million every month using the Olymp Trade online broker, and this amount is constantly increasing. On this platform, you can make money no matter how large you have to invest in assets.

Feel the Confidence

At the moment, Olympus is one of the best examples of the purposeful evolution of trading interfaces among online trading service providers. During the existence of the company, the platform has undergone many improvements and complete revisions, keeping the goal of the most convenient and efficient trading.

Overall, OlympTrade, an international online trading platform, has prepared an excellent base for successfully mastering the art of trading. The level of quality of the platform and customer support correspond to the status of one of the leaders in the online trading market.

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