How to Protect Your Olymp Trade Account and Funds From Fraudsters?

Protect Your Olymp Trade Account and Funds From Fraudsters
Protect Your Olymp Trade Account and Funds From Fraudsters

Every year, as financial activity on the Internet grows, the number of cyber criminals who want to take possession of other people’s digital assets also grows. Most often, criminals choose to use fraudulent methods to steal users’ money, especially in digital trading platforms. Today every user is in danger of being hacked or tricked.

Since Olymp Trade is one of the most popular financial platforms on the world Internet, unfortunately, the attention of cyber fraudsters has not spared the company and the users of its platform.The greatest danger for traders today is not enough serious attitude to the spreading of their personal data, which is most often used by criminals. Find out what steps you should take to protect yourself from attacks on your assets.

Using User Trust

It is not uncommon for unknown people to contact traders in some publicly available way on the Internet with tempting offers of large profits, while providing allegedly reliable evidence in the form of screenshots and photographs confirming their words, which were actually processed in Photoshop. It could be an offer to invest money or make some other very profitable deal.

Often, some credulous users do not even suspect that they are being approached by a fraudster, since all his evidence is quite convincing, social media accounts are similar to the accounts of ordinary people, just like those of your real friends. Then such users begin to report certain information that fraudsters can use not only for cyber crimes, but even for kidnapping people in order to knock out passwords from their wallets.

This trust in the unknown leads to theft of money and other losses and troubles. Even a phone or video call should alert you, since many of the scammers have the gift of persuasion and can convince them to take the necessary actions. Better not to communicate with such people, or at least do not share any personal or financial information with strangers or unfamiliar people. Remember, the more tempting the offer, the more likely they are to cheat you.

Check Information

Some of the scammers may introduce themselves as Olymp Trade representatives and offer participation in an event or competition. Never agree to this, because our company representatives never call users personally with such offers. If this happens, then be sure to check the information on the official Olymp Trade website, where all events on the platform are reported.

Most likely, after such a call from cybercriminals, you will be convinced that the information they provided does not correspond to reality. The main thing that you don’t need to do is provide any of your identification data or send them your documents.

To be confident that you are communicating with an Olymp Trade employee. Feel free to write to the company at one of the emails in your language indicated below.

[email protected] – the Expert status customers support

[email protected] — department of the customers verification

[email protected] – customer service for English-speaking users

[email protected] – customer service for Spanish-speaking users

[email protected] – customer service for users from China

[email protected] – customer service for Russian-speaking users

[email protected] – customer service for users from India

[email protected] – customer service for users from Brazil

[email protected] – customer service for users from Thailand

[email protected] – customer service for users from Indonesia

[email protected] – customer service for users from Turkey

[email protected] – customer service for users from Vietnam

[email protected] – customer service for Arabic-speaking users

[email protected] – customer service for users from Malaysia

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