Traders Questions About Olymp Trade Tournament

Olymp Trade tournaments always attract traders as these events provide an opportunity to win various benefits.

Traders Questions About Olymp Trade Tournament
Olymp Trade Tournament

What Prizes Are There For The Winners?

Olymp Trade has prepared a total prize pool of $ 100,000. Each participant of the tournament who will take one of the places from 1 to 100  on the leaderboard will receive a share of this amount. $ 40,000 is provided for the first place trader. For the second and third prizes, the participating traders will receive respectively $ 16,000 and $ 10,000. More information about the Olymp Trade tournament can be found on the event page

How is the Counting of Points and How Much Do You Need to Score to Proceed to the Next Degree?

Participation in the tournament involves completing daily tasks and making deals on a real account. The participant’s score will depend on the number of profitable trades.

The same conditions must be met to move to the next level, accumulating points for completed tournament objectives and successful trades on a real account. You can find out your place in the rating table by following the same link on the tournament page

How Often Can a Trader Complete Tasks?

Tournament tasks will vary in type and every day 2-3 tasks will be available to complete. For more experienced traders, there are more opportunities to earn tournament points through additional tasks. Missions for the next 24 hours will be announced daily at 9:00 pm UTC. Also, in addition to daily tasks, there will be those that can be completed until the end of the contest.

When can I join the Tournament?

Traders wishing to test their skills can take part in the tournament in some moment, whenever they want during the contest period.

How Long Will Quests Be Available?

Tasks for completion will be available until the day the tournament ends, after which the results will be summed up and annоunced winners.

Who Can Take Part in The Tournament?

All registered traders can take part in the annivеrsary Olymp Trade tournаment if they wish and make real trading transactions.

If I Have a Trader Expert Status, Where Is My Turnover Scale From The Interface?

The turnover scale will be removed for the duration of the contest, however, if you have the Expert status, then you will still be able to execute risk-free trades and receive them for completing tasks.

Are Tasks Available If There Is No Access to Forex?

Some tournament and daily quests are targеted at Forex, so if Forex is not available in your country then you will not be able to complete those specific quests.

Where Can I Check My Rating?

Please visit to find out your current position in the constantly updated leaderboard.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Number of Transactions I Can Make?

The number of trades can be any at your discretion, but if you are determined to win, then remember that your chances will be higher when you make more trades on a real account.

Can Users Participate In The Contest Via The Mobile Application?

The tournament is open to traders using any of the Olymp Trade platforms. All participants have an equal chance no matter what type of platform is used for this.

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